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2014 Celeritas




While still maintaining it’s short “trunk” style and aggressive concave, the 2014 Celeritas features a curvy outline and simple thumb tail that provides more surface area allowing the board extra lift and control in between turns. 

 It also features a fast rocker line that blends from the center to the tail giving this board off the chart speed while maintaining perfect control. Our industry compatible high impact fin system provides extra reef protection, while the tri-fin setup lets you put more power in your most explosive wave riding. The 2014 Celeritas continues to be a perfect modern surf machine. Our entire line of surf boards features art by progressive surfer and artist Phil Goodrich.


Name: laird
Review Date: 7/10/2014 9:56 am
Rating: 5

I have 2 of these boards - both 5'*'. One with straps and one without. It's the only board I need from 6m up to 12m. It has great float for large kites and light wind, but is very stable and manageable in high winds. It's truly a one-board quiver. I prefer the 3 fin thruster setup - it's very smooth and stable. Excellent for strapless riding. Rips upwind. I find myself parking the kite overhead and surfing the swell and ocean waves a lot more with this board than any other I've tried. It loves to be surfed. I ride the Gorge, Baja, and Maui with this board and I never feel like I need anything else.

Name: John
Review Date: 3/14/2014 2:33 pm
Rating: 4

Easy Performance
This board makes me a hero at strapless riding! I love the ride.