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2014 KTV

$199.00 – $279.00



Back by popular demand is the KTV! With a fixed liner and trifecta velcro strap closure system this boot is everything a rider could ask for. High performance, low profile, and form fitting. Simplicity is key whether you’re riding in the park or behind the boat, and the KTV’s ease of entry and exit is unmatched. Top it all off with next level comfort and it’s no wonder why riders demanded the return of the KTV.


Name: Matt Sexton
Review Date: 5/15/2014 9:12 am
Rating: 5

Team Rider
KTV's are arguably my favorite boots i've ever had. The design is simple and functional and holds it own behind the boat, at the cable, or even kiting through choppy seas. Unlike lace up boots that require two hands to really cinch down the KTV's velcro straps make it easy to lock my boots down even when i'm launching in a sketchy spot and have to keep one hand on my bar. Definitely my boot of choice for 2014!