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2014 Lyman




For 2014 we’ve completely redesigned the Lyman…again. Why you may ask? Because here at Slingshot we are 100 % dedicated to meeting the needs of our pro riders. As their riding preferences change, so should their equipment. Stationed in North Carolina, when Keith is not busy serving our country in the armed forces, he’s spending his free time riding the local cable parks. Keith wanted to simplify his board for 2014 to make it more friendly for the park environment without sacrificing his needs behind the boat. The outline and bottom features of the 2014 Lyman have been simplified to make the board a blast on rails, while the stiffer belly and 3-stage rocker offers explosive pop off the wake.


Name: Joel
Review Date: 10/23/2014 8:31 am
Rating: 5

Bought the 144 Lyman when it first came out a few years back. This board has a more stiff feeling than some of the other slingshot boards I've owned(Recoil, Hooke, Response) wouldn't really recommend it for cable riders due to limited flex but it shreds hard behind the boat. It's has the best vertical pop out of any other board I,ve ever ridden. The tail of the board just seems to launch off the wake with mad energy. I ride mine without the fins because I like a more loose feel and use the rails for edging.