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2014 Shredtown




Going into its 3rd model year the Shredtown series has been nothing short of a success! As the boys continue to improve their riding and push the limits so does their board.

For 2014 we chose a slightly wider outline which helps create an advantage riding rails in the park and, the added surface area also helps to absorb those high impact landings riders may experience when dropping 20 feet down a spillway to a flat landing. Also for 2014 we thinned out the core of the board from tip to tail which has enhanced the flex characteristics. Finally with the new EverShred (ES) Base the Shredtown is ready for impact in the park and the many other strange places Shredtown tends to find themselves.


Name: Davis
Review Date: 5/6/2014 2:28 pm
Rating: 5

The shredtown board keeps getting better and better. The flex is perfect on the rails and the core is still poppy and solid for carving and high Ollie's. It's got insane pop behind the boat too!