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2014 Turbine




2014 Turbine 17 Meter


Name: Ross
Review Date: 8/28/2015 8:09 am
Rating: 4

Kite Good - Bar Bad
First of all I agree with the other comments, the kite is fantastic and will most certainly prove to be a great session saver. However, a degree of caution is required before you hook yourself up to it. The 17m is a very powerful beast indeed, if you suspect long gusts much over 17kts then this will drag you down wind mercilessly, I am 85kg and this happened to me on my first ride - scary. Secondly I found the bars de-power system at waist level with the small plastic bobble handle to grab on to be very questionable. Unless you have the strength and grip of a terminator this only allows you to pull it if you either stop riding or if you go directly down wind. This could be dangerous if a big gust comes and you need to de-power quickly and have obstacles downwind of you. I have overcome this issue by using another bar.

Name: Brando
Review Date: 8/16/2014 8:30 am
Rating: 5

Kite Nomad
This kite is the light wind king! I like to whip this one out when all my friends are standing on the beach... waiting for the wind to build. If it's blowing 10 - 12... you'll enjoy some riding time!

Name: Jon Eisenhart
Review Date: 7/14/2014 12:35 pm
Rating: 4

What they say is true. I am a beginner in the sport, I live in North East Florida where the average wind is pretty light maybe 10-12mph. The 2014 Turbine has delivered on its promise of "More Days." It's has enabled me to ride in as low as 10 mph, and have serious fun in 12mph and I weigh 200lbs. The kite relaunches with out much effort, even in waves and low wind. It's has a very direct feel, and actually turns fairly quick. The cascading bridle really keeps the leading edge shape. Overall I have gone from novice to beginner/intermediate do to the Turbine and Glide 150 board. Everyone should have this kite. Especially as beginner, you need as much time on the water as possible. The Turbine and Glide package truly give you that opportunity. The only change I would love to see is a wider diameter fill valve. It's a big kite and you quickly get an appreciation for that when you pump it up. But thank you SlingShot for helping me advance my skills!