2010 Recoil

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Date of birth: 05/07/1987
Hometown: Lenoir City, TN,USA

Name, Age, and all that other nonsense:
House.  Jeff House.  21.  Taurus.

Weight (ideal):       

Weight (actual):

2010 142 Recoil, with size 11 P.B. Floyds.  Sickest Setup in the South.

Favorite pals to ride with:  
My Domestic Partner Derek Grasman, Jimmy "the Trash" Trask, the Zane, Bryan Hutton, J D, and all my bros back in Knoxville.

How many days a week are you working out now?  

That’s not enough…we need to review your contract.

Busch Light or Pinot Noir: 
Busch Light, as long as it's a good year.

The mountains or the beach:   
Oh, that's a toughie.  I'd have to say tie.  I love surfing, but I also love me some pow.

Shoes or sandals: 
birks.....with socks.

Switch or “Fakie”:
Switch.  You can't ride "fakie" on a wakeboard.

Continuous or 3 stage:      
3 Stage 4 life.

Favorite towing device: 
Mastercraft X-Star.  The best wakeboarding boat ever made.

# of girls who have actually fallen for “Hi I’m ________ and I’m a pro.”:
Never pull the P card.  Ever.

Why ride FRT? 
The best thing about riding a Slingshot is that you can actually feel the water under you. Unlike regular foam boards that remain stiff, Slingshot's flex when you edge, so you can really feel what the water is doing. Add the soft landings, snappy pop, sick 2010 graphics, and you can't beat it. I love our boards. I couldn't imagine going back to a regular foam deck. See for yourself....