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The Switchblade SUP Paddle is fully adjustable and ranges from 66” to 97” heights. The perfect paddle that you can share with friends and family as it adjusts to almost any height, short or tall. It’s also very efficient offering gentle power and a smooth easy stroke as it has the same blade dimensions of the Slingblade.


Name: sheila
Review Date: 7/16/2014 8:48 pm
Rating: 3

I have had this paddle for seven months, I love the feel, the weight, the angle as it hits the water. But this weekend the SLINGLOCK clasp for adjustable handle length has failed and now the paddle easily self-adjusts in length and won't lock in my desired position. I will be contacting manufacturer for a resolution, but if you are shopping around, this has been a problem on a ++$200 paddle for me this week and I am disappointed.

Name: Jon Schlecht
Review Date: 7/13/2014 9:21 am
Rating: 5

Perfect paddle to share with your significant other. Adjustable , light weight and floats. Paddles fast , have cool carbon fiber look and the legendary spiky ball emblem on the blade. See you on the water , want to race ?