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2014 Space Pickle

$649.00 – $749.40



It may have the same name as last year but the board shapes have changed and new sizes are now available. The new Space Pickle will SUP surf, wake SUP and flat-water SUP. 

Its unique wide tail is now much more pulled in allowing a quicker release off the top of a wave. And with its kicked up nose there will be no nose pearling when you are late into your turn. The board is flat under foot then progresses to an aggressive “V” spine. The flatness under foot allows the board to track straight but the “V” spine allows you to carve rail to rail when you want to. Whatever size you choose you can catch waves early, shred behind a boat or hit the flat-water. 

 Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Space Pickle is built with Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (WVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability and flex of the board and the result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. 

PADDLER PROFILE Surf oriented paddlers looking for a stable performance surfboard that you can thrash in the ocean, kill it behind the boat and that will also track well on flat-water.


Name: Spencer
Review Date: 10/16/2014 1:31 pm
Rating: 5

Surfed this board behind a boat and had the best time behind a boat all summer...easy to get up...quick responsive yet stable for the kids... Love this board and like all the other slingshot boards I've ridden, the finish is beautiful...job we'll done

Name: alfiebassq8
Review Date: 6/8/2014 12:06 pm
Rating: 5

I bought the 2014 9'4" Space Pickle late last year and it has been awesome. It has been perfect here in Kuwait as it truly does what its advertised to do. Its great on the flat, it keeps up with my mates Naish and has been good fun in waves from 1-4/5 ft. In fact I've been so stoked with it that i'm getting a second one to keep in the UK for those summer visits home. As an added bonus the adjustable carbon paddle is great quality and means the family and friends can have a go as well. I am a Slingshot convert.

Name: roadkillphil
Review Date: 5/28/2014 3:24 pm
Rating: 3

Have had the 7'6" last years model for about a year, now. Fun behind the boat and on standing river waves. Not had a chance to get it in an ocean. Paddles straight fair on flat water. But, it isn't designed to stand up to the kind of abuse I can dish out. "Our renters drop it in the parking lot and it holds up fine"-as the online retailer told me-may be true, but not so much on rocky rivers. If you plan on surfing rivers, better get an epoxy repair kit and plan on getting really good at fixing dings. And at 7'6" still a little long to fit in most river wave troughs. It's a fun toy but I wouldn't get another one unless I lived at the ocean. For longevity and performance in a river you'd be much better off with a Badfish or similar.

Name: Eyal
Review Date: 5/10/2014 10:46 am
Rating: 5

I have the 2014 9'4", Stable like nothing else. A lot of fun, nice in waves and a family favorite.

Name: Joel
Review Date: 10/23/2014 8:26 am
Rating: 4

This a great all around SUP. Out of other SUPs that I've used the Space Pickle is light weight and easy to carry around, tracks well when paddling, and is a good surfer too. I am also impressed with the durability of this board, I have banged mine around pretty good and thus far no chips, spider cracking or anything like that. Been riding slingshot since 2008 and it is the only wake, wakesurf, or SUP brand I will buy. I gave it 4/5 only because I think the asthetic design is a little plain for my taste and given Slingshots rad designs on their wake boards I expect a little more.