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The 2015 Terrain is everything you need in the park and nothing you don’t. Designed exclusively for park riders, this board features the softest flex Slingshot has ever offered. The terrain is an excellent choice for intermediate rail riders looking to get over that next hump and master their presses. XL sidewalls combine with the ES base and minimal bottom features to ensure maximum durability and longevity in the park. The wider tip profile helps the rider lock in throughout the entire length of obstacles. With no training wheel option (oops excuse us “fins”), the Terrain helps riders utilize proper edging techniques and offers complete freedom on rails and obstacles. Get ready to take your rail riding to the next level as you become the master of the Terrain.


Name: chris nabell
Review Date: 7/23/2014 5:30 am
Rating: 1

let me start off by saying that I'm a huge slingshot fan. I am not trying make slingshot look bad with this review I'm just trying to give my honest opinion. I've had my terrain for about two weeks now and I hate it. At first I was excited about it because the flex is unreal but there are a few major downfalls to it that ruined it for me. The first thing I noticed when I left the start dock at the cable is how incredibly soft the flex pattern is this thing literally feels like a snowboard. When I cross a small roller at the park I can actually feel the roller under my front foot first then under my back foot its weird that it flexes that way. In the corners this is the most fun board I've ever ridden!!! the butterslides are amazing on this thing!!! You can do nose presses on the surface of the water around the corners at a cable park. Unfortunately the downfalls greatly out weigh the perfect butterslides... first off when you push down for your pre pop to Ollie onto a rail it flexes so much that higher ollies become a little tougher, I can still get the height its just a little more inconsistent. Second the flex is so soft I cant feel it if that makes sense, I've found myself falling on a lot more nose and tail presses that I usually never fall on. the best way I can explain it is when I lean into my press my subconscious mind knows how that board is suppose to be pushing back against me trying to pull me back down from a press, but with the terrain I struggle to find the sweet spot because it gives so much I find myself looping out a lot. The biggest downfall to me is that it lands like a brick. That is no joke it has to be the hardest landing board I've ever ridden and I've ridden a ton of boards in the ten years I've been wakeboarding. The hard landings were the deal breakers for me. I've always loved my slingshots because they seem to be bomb proof and last forever taking beatings off the kickers but this board I've been having to take it easy on for two reasons one is a normal xxl kicker hit not going huge feels like I just jumped out of a four story building when I land. Second I'm having to stay off the kickers more because it feels like its going to snap really fast and not last like my reflexes, recoils, and shred towns that I've had lasted. On the more positive note the graphic is the best one I've ever seen, but overall this board overall was a huge let down it kinda sucks that I paid 420 bucks for a board that's only really fun in the corners and has an awesome graphic on it. I believe I'm just going to get another reflex so I can go back to really having fun at the cable.