2013 Bolt-Ons

Increased comfort, convenience and maximum performance with effortless installation.


2013 Bolt-Ons are designed to increase comfort, convenience and maximize performance with effortless installation in mind. The “NEW” Velcro locking adjustment strap is uniquely designed to fit directly to the pad’s super structure and then mounts directly onto the board for the most complete lock down and non-slip performance. The Bolt-Ons 3 is stock with all 2013 Slingshot boards but mounts seamlessly to a traditional insert pack as well. Performance and Support all in one package!

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See the 2013 Bolt-Ons in action.

2013 Bolt-Ons Tech


Single Velcro locking Straps, Super Structure dual density Pads, 4 interface pins and stainless steel fastrack hardware. Lifetime Rider Service Hotline Support. Comes stock on all Slingshot twin tip boards.

How to set up your Bolt-ons

"How to set up your Bolt-ons"