2014 RPM

Performance Secrets Revealed


Top Pros and high performance riders world wide know the secret behind the RPM. The open C platform allows for fast riding, explosive pop with the correct amount of boost, travel and drift. This  allow for aggressive moves with fast and solid landings. The new 2014 builds on our proven legacy with a kite that rides faster, is more responsive, more crisp and more dialed in than ever before. Through years of testing and rider feedback, we have made new improvements and subtle refinements to set a new standard for performance and durability. Our new “Diamond Leech” technology improves air flow for “clean” air release off the trailing edge. This feature improves aerodynamics, and is a major part of why the kite is faster, and has a new crisp feel. The Diamond Leech improved the over all stability of the leach. This significantly helps with wear and tear or flutter. The full suspension bridle was updated with a new anodized aluminum frictionless pulley. The design has reduced weight, and eliminated wear associated with mechanical pulleys.We added an 11M kite to our full range of sizes to help you create your perfect quiver. You can dominate freestyle or hardcore crossover with the 2014 RPM.

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2014 Vision

2014 Compstick Tech Video

2014 Compstick Control Bar

2014 RPM Tech


INTERMEDIATE TO EXPERT: Riders looking for a kite which crosses over from freestyle, to wakestyle, surf or snow with ease, and demands performance within multiple riding styles and conditions.


RPM Kite / Compstick Control Bar / Kite Backpack Bladder Repair Kit / Quick-Start Guide