Alex Fox

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Hangin' In The Keys Florida United States
Stance: Regular 24"
Sponsors: Slingshot, Mystic

Favorite riding spots: St. Pete, Orlando, Islamorada Fl.

Ideal conditions: 20 knots, flat water, rails, Sunshine, Beer, and my homies.

Dream Destination: I've been eyeing Egypt lately but New Caledonia looks proper too.

Food/Drink about to be consumed: That would be a Magic Hat #9 and some sushi...

Shout Out! Mom, Dad, and Jordan, Love them. Stefan Cerf, Matty Sexton, TJ Smith, Big Black, Urine and Mitch, Tosi, Justice, this filbuster crew and all of my other friends. Neil Hutchinson,Stephen "GS" Schank Andy Defilippis, Chris Cifers for helping me out along the way. And Slingy for really giving me a chance.

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