2018 RPM

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Eight years ago, Tony and Youri Zoon locked themselves in the lab and made it their mission to stitch together all their favorite features into a single kite. When the smoke cleared the RPM emerged, and we had a whole new category of kite to introduce to the world.


There’s one kite in the world you want for any conditions. It’s the RPM. It’s a kite you can count when the wind gets gnarly.  Imagine the perfect day.  So perfect you decide to shoot off on a downwind adventure with your crew.  Then the wind picks up halfway through, your kite is now oversized, and you're white knuckled.  Don't sweat it, the RPM can handle it.   Or say you're just goofing off and your friends start betting beers for a jump-off, when the waves are overhead and peeling, when you’re in the middle of a kiteloop and when you’re bound and determined to take that next step in kiting. 



    Eight years of annual innovations packed into one kite and backed up with more world championship than any other kite in history!

    Freestyle, waves, flat water, parks, boosting, loops, lessons, downwinders- this kite keeps delivering with good manners.

    Shock-absorbing IRS bridle stabilizes kite in the gusty wind 

    Powerful and predictable pop,  loops and "*carry"

    Bomber Slingshot construction.  Forget about ripstop fabric; this kite is built not to rip.  Period.  The difference is huge!


*Carry is the secret sauce behind world championship level jumping.   Here is the jump sequence for guys like Mario and Youri.  Ride powered! Load and pop (as vertical as possible)   If you're watching them, this is when you notice the start of their trick sequence.  If you're watching the kite, you will notice it is like a boat delivering constant pull and a constant height.  How a kite "carries" is based on how it delivers  5 key attributes.    You want to feel a vertical pop, consistent height, clean pull,  and drift so your tricks flow at a natural rate. Lastly; you want the kite to bring you down at the rate you want to stomp the trick. You don't want to feel or see any dangle.    The RPM invented this riding style because it delivers all 5 of those attributes perfectly!  

Package includes: 

    • RPM kite
    • RPM kite backpack
    • Emergency bladder repair kit
    • Quick-start guide



RPM rider profile:
The RPM is a high-flying, hard-charging kite with multiple world titles under its belt. But the RPM isn’t built for the most elite competitors; the top of the podium is just a byproduct of exceptional design. The RPM is built for riders like you. You want safety, reliability and predictability in all wind conditions. You want high performance and low risk. You want a kite that won’t hold you back, no matter how much you progress. You want a kite you can count on when conditions get gnarly, when your friends challenge you to a jump-off or when you’re bound and determined to take that next step in progression, whatever that may be. If that is you, your kite is the RPM.

RPM bridle setup: The RPM features Slingshot’s unique shock absorbing IRS bridle system. This pulleyless, direct-connect bridle incorporates bungee lines that flex and retract to keep proper tension in the lines as you steer the kite. Slingshot introduced this bridle concept in 2015 and have had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the responsive steering and direct feel it creates. For customized performance, the RPM’s wingtip bridle can be connected at three different points, which allows for tuning of bar pressure, kite feedback and steering speed.

Split Strut: Invented by Slingshot and adopted as the industry gold standard in canopy construction, Split Strut design integrates the kite’s struts into the structure of the canopy. This results a stronger, more stable and more durable canopy. SplitStrut enhances power under heavy load and creates superior efficiency and rigidity in the overall frame.
Versatile Open-C Canopy: The RPM is the original Open-C shape that spawned an entire category of versatile, freeride/freestyle crossover kites. The Open-C shape that provides the perfect combination of explosive power and pop, big boosts, solid unhooked riding and high-performance handling with user-friendly characteristics like easy relaunch, big range and depower, responsive steering and solid upwind ability.
One-Pump: Slingshot patented the One-Pump system years ago, and today the innovation can be found on almost every kite on the market. The One Pump Speed System makes inflating your kite quick and easy; simply attach your hose and pump your entire kite from one convenient valve. Deflating is just as easy. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever had to inflate and deflate your leading edge and all your struts individually, you know how nice it really is.

Customize Your Ride: The RPM features multiple attachment points at the kite- both on the leading and trailing edge- that allow riders to fine-tune the kite’s handling and performances based on their riding style and the conditions of a particular session. This tuning is done quickly and easily and makes a big impact on the kite’s overall performance; you can choose different settings for boosting big, for unhooked freestyle, for user-friendly freeride or for riding waves, to name a few.  

Bomber Slingshot Construction

Tri-Tech protection: Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth and Neoprene scuff guards are strategically placed to protect vulnerable areas of the kite from scratches, punctures wear and tear. 

Surf Tough tech: Strategic panel layout, superior canopy materials and precision engineered seams and stitching result in kites that can take proper beatings without issue. Slingshot’s unique panel layout not only adds strength and canopy structure, it also helps contain the damage to your kite in the event that it does tear or get punctured. 

Dimension Polyant 175 Dacron: DP175 is a premium canopy material used solely by Slingshot in the kiteboarding industry. This high-strength, high tenacity material is resistant to bias stretch and retains its structure exceptionally well, which is why we utilize it for every high performance kite we build. Where other brands have cut corners and selected lesser materials to reduce costs, Slingshot has remained committed to quality. 

Bayer Material Science Polyurethane Bladders: Slingshot bladders are made in the USA to precision specs using high-quality polyurethane.