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Hover Glide FWIND1 + Dialer 145 Package


The Dialer 145 and 2018 Fwind1 is ultimate intro to foiling package, you just can’t make it any easier. This combo started the free ride / ease of use windfoil revolution. Packing plenty of volume to get up and going in the lightest puffs, with enough nose length to make re-entries savable after an over foiling breach the Dialer 145 is the choice for schools and first time foiler. The 2018 FWind1 features a tall 90cm mast to give you more time to correct your errors before touching down or breaching. It boasts the 68cm wide H2 (Gamma 68 Wing) with plenty of side to side stability and smooth gradual lift. The 42cm rear stabilizer and “Switch Fuse” are still used on all the current Hovergide packages and are compatible with all Hoverglide components.

Package Includes:

Dialer 145L with medium Chinook Tuttle, FWind1 Complete Foil, Gamma 68cm Front Wing, 42cm Rear Stabilizer Wing, 90cm (35.5") aluminum mast, Tuttle Adapter, 78cm Switch Fuse

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